La MUSICA amansa a las fieras

[MODERNA] Eagles- All She Wants to do is Dance

Ether for Eagles, not Jackson Browne.,

- the Queens people,future Knights,all the poets(famous People,who speak to the public,(Queen,Monarchy)Ether-ville,get hooked up to the Ether,flatline their brain, and get a new consciousness,
If you Get the offer,accept it,you have it made,and if you talk, about whats really going on,you just seem to die,accepted or not, songs are all writtten about loving the Queen,the Ether,or hating the Queen,for what she does to protect the fact that humans can live on photons(uv sunlight)

Publicado por VRedondoF para MODERNA el 10/22/2008 12:40:00 PM
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