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[MODERNA] Mike Oldfield, The Millennium Bell #3. Art In Heaven Concert

The Art In Heaven concert was performed live in Berlin on 31 December 1999 as a prelude to the New Millennium. Mike performed 7 tracks / movements from his "Millennium Bell" album which are numbered in the order of play on the night:

5 --- Liberation
6 --- Amber Light

Mike Oldfield ------ Guitars & Keyboards
Robyn Smith -------- MD, Conductor
Adrian Thomas ------ MD, Keyboards & Guitars
Claire Nicolson ---- Keyboards & Guitars
Carrie Melbourne --- Bass & Chapman Stick
Fergus Garrand ----- Drums & Percussion
Jody Linscott ------ Percussion
Miriam Stockley ---- Vocalist
Pepsi Demacque ----- Vocalist
Nicola Emanuelle --- Vocalist
David Serame ------- Vocalist

Symphony Orchestra State Academic Capella, St. Petersburg
The Gunka State Choir, St. Petersburg.

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